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 *Current Project: Task Automation using LangChain 

 *Past or Ongoing Projects:

 - Breaking News GPT 

 - Dr. Emerson AI (Therapist GPT)

 - PromptGT (Prompt Creation Tool)

 - S&P 500 Next Day Predictor (Open & Close) using ML

 - Stock Sentiment Analyzer via a news headline using ML

 - CSV Data Visualizer (multiple)

 - CSV Anomaly Finder

 - Predictive Analysis using ML for a sales CSV

 - Code Scraper

 - Web Scraper

 - Palette Extractor from an image file

 - Python Code Analyzer

 - Application Time Spent Analyzer

 - Task Scheduler

 - Solar Activity Data Visualization

 - Beats Per Minute calculator

 - Video to Text

 - ML Piano music creator (in progress - tuning model)

 - ML Ambient music creator (in progress)

 - ML Soundscape creator (in progress)

 - ML Speech to Text + Translator

 - LLM Code Generator (in progress)

 - Image Generator (DCGAN) (in progress)

 - Chess player with annotation

 - LLM Chatbot (Sybot) (in progress)










Design using DALL-E 2

 Uncrop Inspired by Salvador Dalí












pl9nt - I am Moonlight

Plant Eater Live Looping

Plant Eater - Ambient + Loop Pedal

Plant Eater - Change the World

Plant Eater - Uncertainty 

Plant Eater - Becoming a Scientist

Plant Eater - Transport Update

Plant Eater - Autumn Afternoon


Plant Eater - Galaxy Factory

Plant Eater - Lost in Time

Plant Eater - Where the Forest Meets the Sea 

Plant Eater - Ployd

Anybody - Microdose

Anybody - pl9nt