BPM List by Genre

Reggae: BPM ranging from 60-90
Downtempo: BPM between 70-100
Chill-Out: BPM between 90-120
Hip-Hop: BPM between 60-115 popular: 80-115
Jazz and Funk: BPM between 120-125
Pop: BPM between 100-160
R&B: BPM between 60-80
Rock: BPM between 110-140
Metal: BPM between 100-160


Future Bass: 140-160 popular: 142
House: BPM between 115-130 popular: 128
Deep House: BPM between 120-125
Tech House: BPM between 120-135
Electro House: BPM between 125-130
Progressive House: BPM between 125-130
Trance: BPM between 120-140
UK Garage: BPM between 130-135
Dubstep: BPM between +/- 140 popular: 135-145
Trap: BPM between +/- 140
Techno: BPM between 120-150
Hardstyle: BPM between 150-160
Jungle: BPM between 155-180 popular: 174
Drum & Bass: BPM between 160-180 popular: 170 - 175


Old School Dances

Waltz: BPM between 84-90
Foxtrot: BPM between 112-120
Charleston: BPM between 200-290
Tango: BPM between 62-66
Cha Cha Cha: BPM between 120-128
Rumba: BPM between 100-108
Samba: BPM between 96-104
Salsa: BPM between 180-300
Jive: BPM between 168-184
Paso Doble: BPM between 120-124


Classical Music Tempo

Largissimo: is a very slow tempo, at 24 bpm
Adagissimo: very slow
Grave: a very slow tempo ranging from 25-45 bpm
Largo: has a tempo of 40-60 bpm
Lento: has a tempo of 60-65 bpm
Larghetto: has a tempo 60-66 bpm
Adagio: slow and expressive, has a tempo of 66-76 bpm
Adagietto: slower than Andante with a range of 72-76 bpm or slightly faster than adagio with a range of 70-80 bpm
Andante: has a speed of 76-108 bpm
Andantino: slightly faster than andante with a range of 80-108 bpm
Marcia Moderato: has a tempo like a lineup with a range of 83-85 bpm
Andante Moderato: has a range between andante and moderato with a range of 92-112 bpm
Moderato: has a range of 108-120 bpm
Allegretto : has a range of 112-120 bpm
Allegro Moderato: has a range of 116-120 bpm
Allegro: has a range of 120-156 bpm
Vivace: has a range of 156-176 bpm
Vivacissimo: is a fast, rhythmic tempo remember with 172-176 bpm range Allegrissimo
or Allegro Vivace: very fast tempo with 172-176 bpm range
Presto: This is the fastest tempo with a range of 162-200 bpm
Prestissimo: If Presto is the fastest, this tempo is faster than Presto with a range of more than 200 bpm.

Molto: means 'very'
Subito: means 'sudden or sudden'
Poco: means ' small/little'
A Tempo: means 'use the previous'
Primo Tempo: means 'use the tempo used in the beginning'
Comodo Tempo: means 'at the most comfortable pace possible'